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Not too long ago I posted a new website to display my portfolio, resume, and a little information about myself. The site served it’s purpose, but over the course of a few months I just fealt that it could be better. Going back to the drawing board and now I have nearly completed the next version that you are viewing right now. In redesigning this site I spent the majority of my time on the members and customer area to give my clients a better experience when they are logged in. The customer area features a number of tools to help us work as a team, and help any projects we are working on move along more efficiently. Every client of mine will have their own personal login where they can access their customer dashboard. Here is where I will post any projects that are being worked on and break the larger ones down into sections to help give a realistic estimate of the time it will take for the project to be finished. This section also contains some other features. I can share different files with clients through their dashboard, which will also act as an archive. There is also a section for us to start a private conversation to go over any important topics that might need to be discussed. Finally invoicing and payments are also managed in this section.
The other thing I focused on when recreating this site was speed. I like to use imagery in my web designs and that comes at a cost. So a lot of effort went into optimizing images and code to get the site running at a much more appropriate speed while still having it’s unique design. I hope any of you that I am working with find this site to be useful and I hope you enjoy looking at some of my past projects. As always thanks for checking this page out.
I will not be the only author on these blog posts. I have a few designers, and marketing experts that will occasionally be making posts that I am very much looking forward to reading. While the goal of this website is to ultimately bring in some potential design projects, I would like to build a small community around these blog posts, that should be beneficial to anyone trying to market a business large or small.

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