User Testimonials

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Testimonials from some of my past and current clients.

I have worked with many different clients in the past spanning all types of different industries. Hopefully you can read up on some of their positive experiences here. Every project I have worked on throughout my career has been completely different than the last, with that comes new challenges to overcome. I am confident in my work and hope that these testimonials below will back up that statement.

Excellent Experience

Inspiring Strides logo

Paul did an excellent job in helping us get a logo together!!

Crystal Jarney Mazella

Always Exceeding Expectations

Paul and I have worked on numerous design projects both large and small, When we collaborated on anything he always managed to exceed expectations

Mark Gullett

Up To The Task

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Being a first timer with a web site, I approached Paul Danowski for some advise and expertise.
My brand new product offered some challenges for sure. Paul was up to the task both with art work and the technical back end of the set up. He walked me through the process and worked out every glitch that was encountered. It was a pleasure to work with him and I would seek him out in the future.

Gary Cundiff