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Web design and development

Internet infographicNo matter what industry you are in it is more important than ever that you have a solid well written website up and running for potential customers to find you. There are a number of different factors that go into producing a successful website. I will start with the most obvious. Two of the most important elements of your website are the actual content, and the interface itself that will help people viewing your site navigate around. It is more important these days to have well written content than ever.

Good Content

In the past it may have been possible to cheat search engines by using different keywords and things like that, but these days the best approach is to have strong, well written content that supports the overall subject matter of your site. The best way to drive up your search engine rankings is for Google to consider you an authority on the subject your website covers. This means, to be thorough, and original when writing the content you will share on your site’s different pages. It is also important to use appropriate headers throughout your website, this helps both your viewers and search engines in outlining your sites information. When it comes to site content, I like to work directly with my clients as they are much more experienced in their field than I obviously am. However, if they are not too confident in their writing abilities I do have a couple of writers I work with when I need to.

User Interface & Navigation

navigationThe second element I mentioned was the user interface of your website. This will determine how your viewers will get from page to page. It is important that your sites navigation be intuitive, you don’t want your viewers to have to think to hard about getting around on your site. At the same time it should also be unique and be consistent with your brand. By this I mean your website should use your companies colors, fonts, logo, etc. You want your clients to recognize that they are on your companies website. Your websites navigation does not need any crazy fonts it should be simple to read, and easy to find. By that I mean you should use the standard areas most websites use for their navigation.

Mobile Friendly Responsive Design

computer and mobile devicesToday more web traffic comes from portable devices like cell phones and tablets, so it is very important that your website displays properly on any device. This also gives you an opportunity to highlight different sections of your site based on the device the user is viewing it with. People on the move viewing websites on their cell phones may be interested in viewing different pages than those on a desktop at home. For instance if you are running a restaurant it may be more important for you to highlight directions, and your menu for individuals on a mobile device based on the idea that they are looking for a place to go at that given moment. Where a viewer at home may be looking for different events for the upcoming weekend, so you would have an events section more visible on the desktop version. When on a mobile devise it is also important that font sizes are legible, and buttons aren’t too small. Each device has different design needs for it’s viewers to comfortably navigate through a website.

Brand Consistency

Your companies brand is what instantly sets you appart from your competition. It is important to keep this consistency when designing your website. If you have a company logo that is used on all of your print marketing, than it is important to integrate that image into the website. Some companies identity can get much more thorough than others, but it is important to stick to whatever guidelines have been written out when designing any different type of marketing material for your business. I can help you not only stick to your corporate identity, but if your company does not have anything concrete, we can work on putting one together for you. This will help your website become instantly recognizable to your clients and potential customers.


SSL Lock iconAnother big factor in building a successful website is building up trust in your customers. If your websites layout is confusing, it just appears to be spam, or it is poorly designed, chances are you are going to loose the trust of your viewers and they are going to go elsewhere with their business. Security will also add trustworthiness to your website. Today things like SSL certificates are not just important for e commerce websites, but any site that requests any type of personal information.


magnifying glassThere are quite a number of things that go into your websites SEO. I like to think of it as an overall score of all of the different elements that go into the finished site. We already talked about how important it is to have well written relevant content on your site. Your website also needs to load fast, both your viewers will leave if it doesn’t load quickly and your SEO score will not be as high as it could be. There are quite a few ways to achieve a faster loading website. First it is important to optimize your websites images. You want to not only make sure you are using the correct type of image, but also make sure it is compressed as much as it can be without loosing any resolution. Coding can also be minified to get rid of any access white space between characters. Different files should be organized to load differently. It is important to have all of your content that appears above the fold to load before any content that would appear below. There are also things like browser caching, GZIP compression and more that will ultimately make your website much faster and help your SEO rankings.

What can I do for you?

Wordpress logoWhen it comes to building websites I like to use WordPress for a couple of reasons. First, I find that the content management system is pretty intuitive compared to some of the other systems out there. I have yet to get a request from a client that I haven’t been able to accomplish using this platform, whether it be an e commerce solution, or industry specific plugin for the sites users. WordPress’s open source platform lets thousands and thousands of developers come up with different plugins for any number of programing needs you could think of. WordPress is SEO friendly. I am able to implement the different SEO strategies I like to use using WordPress. This means my websites are easily found in any of today’s search engines. Finally I am able to implement everything I have written above using WordPress. So if you are interested in putting together a new website for your company feel free to contact me for more information by clicking right here. I will answer any questions you may have by filling out the form on my contact page or by reaching me through any of the other ways posted there.