Alpine Brokerage Email Blasts

Alpine Brokerage email blasts

Websites aren’t the only way to promote your business online. Email campaigns are a way to promote your company and specific products, events, etc. Here are a few examples of email images I put together for various promotions for Alpine Brokerage. The images show the different styles we used for some of the different campaigns […]

Alpine Brokerage Services Website

Alpine Brokerage responsive website is the first website I created using Wordpress. While building this website I became familiar with the open source plugin system that Wordpress uses. This is a fully responsive website that has a members section as well where insurance advisors can run real time insurance quotes and more. After building this site I have […]

MoE HPDE Website

MoE HPDE responsive website image

MoE HPDE is an organization that operates out of MilleVille, NJ teaching its members the correct way to drive a racecar. I was hired to design a logo, business cards, and responsive website for them. The logo was done with the idea of speed and the auto industry, as well as the business cards. The […]

Thumper Products Website

Thumper website image

Thumper Products is a small business that specializes in selling its patented military issued bayonet hand guard. I was hired to build an e-commerce site, (as well as logo, and business cards) to display and sell these products online. When completed the website is fully responsive and can process credit cards for customers when they […]

FR Biergarten Website responsive website is the official website for Fermented Reality Biergarten. FR Biergarten is a new hotspot that recently opened in Sparkman Wharf, an open air public setting in downtown Tampa boasting multiple restaurants and eateries, live entertainment and numerous events located right on the waterfront. Fermented Reality Biergarten specializes in serving a large selection of domestic […]