Mountain Vector Animation

Mountain animation still

This is a short animation made from different layers of an Adobe Illustrator file I made of this mountain scene. The animation only pans from side to side, but in that short amount of time a lot of depth is added to the image that otherwise would not have been there.

Methergine Video

methergine Think Twice still

The Methergine promotional video is a video I put together as Creative Director of ThinkSonic Media. I worked with my partner who was incharge of getting me the static assets and I was to time, edit and animate them to get to the final video. This project used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to build the […]

Join Together TKR Video

Join Together TKR video

Join Together TKR was a video that involved quite a bit in a short amount of time, however the final product was very well received. This video used a lot of vector and bitmap based images all used together to make the different animations. After receiving the final voiceover only days before the deadline the […]