Carson Wentz Poster Illustration

Carson Wentz illustration

This is another image I created primarily in Adobe Illustrator. I use the gradient mesh tool to get a very realistic overall look yet still maintain high resolution when the image is scaled up due to the final output still being an illustrator vector file. The background was done in photoshop simply by taking the […]

Ferrari 250 GTO Illustration

Ferrari 250 GTO illustration

This is a noncommissioned illustration I did using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to complete. The main image of the car was created using the gradient mesh tool in Illustrator to get an overall realistic appearance. When the car was completed I used Photoshop to create an abstract background for the car to sit over to […]



This image is a practice in using different techniques in photo manipulation. This whole work was done in Adobe Photoshop. To obtain these different effects I used a combination of adjustment layers, masks, and pattern brushes. Ultimately giving the look of the face being made of different wires (or snakes) that are coming undone towards […]