FR Biergarten Website responsive website is the official website for Fermented Reality Biergarten. FR Biergarten is a new hotspot that recently opened in Sparkman Wharf, an open air public setting in downtown Tampa boasting multiple restaurants and eateries, live entertainment and numerous events located right on the waterfront. Fermented Reality Biergarten specializes in serving a large selection of domestic and imported craft beers. The website showcases the daily events, ever changing tap list and more. it is an interactive site allowing users to make reservations, view the real time beer menu, subscribe to the events calendar and even apply for different job openings. The mobile version still has access to all of the pages the desktop version has, but was set up knowing most people on mobile devices would probably be more likely to land on different pages than those browsing from home. The mobile home page has 3 main tabs right at the top, showing the tap list, events calendar, and where to find us page.
This website was made using WordPress. This open source platform is not only completely customizable, thanks to its large community of plugin developers, it is very user friendly. I find this to be a huge benefit when building a website for clients that will need to use a CMS for various reasons.

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