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Welcome to my portfolio page. here you will find a number of different works I have done over my career. Most of these have been commissioned by a client but some of them I did on my personal time. Below you will see a navigation that you can toggle through a couple different choices. While on the “All” selection, all of the portfolio items available will be on display for you to scroll through. If you choose to toggle “Print Design” the page will display items that were only meant to be used as print items, like business cards and brochures. “Web Design” will show images, when clicked, that will give a brief description of the particular website that image is displaying. “Animation / Video Editing” will display any of the video works I have chosen to display here. Finally “Multimedia Design” will display any works that could be used in more that one medium. A lot of the work I do can be considered print or web design work, these pieces will fall into this category.

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