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A Little About My Design Background

If you are viewing this page hopefully you are looking for a designer with an extensive background in many different mediums. This website contains information about me, the design services I can offer, my portfolio and my résumé, and my first swing at actually writing a blog. Hopefully I can convince you that I am the designer you want to hire, lets bring your company to life.


I built this website with the intentions of using it as an online résumé/portfolio to display different examples of the work that I do in hopes of gaining more projects whether they be a small one off job, a continuing partnership, or a full time position in this field. This page will give you insight into my background and my career in the field of visual design and hopefully build on the skills and experience points you will find located in my résumé.

Artistic Background

Prior to even knowing what Photoshop was I always had a great interest in Visual Art and being able to create different works whether they be with pencil, charcoal, paint, you can see within my portfolio I have included some sketches that don’t really fall within graphic design, but will give you an example of my artistic background. I think my interest in drawing made graphic design a natural fit as a career, and I have been happy with that decision from day one.

Career In Graphic Design

I first started studying graphic design at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. While there I would learn all of the fundamentals I would need to help start my career. The Art Institute was a great educational experience. I am always amazed at what limited knowledge I had upon enrolling compared to what I was able to do upon graduation. While attending I received a number of accolades including the best portfolio of my graduating class. This program ultimately gave me the knowledge and confidence to continue enhancing my skills and venture into other areas of design.

A bit of lucky timing lead me to land a position in my home town the day I graduated. Aside from starting to work full time this provided a great networking platform for me as I still work for some of the people I met there. I quickly learned if I wanted to be successful I would have to continue to learn new skills as this industry evolves very rapidly. First and foremost I taught myself web design.

I taught myself basic HTML but ultimately decided to go back to school.  I enrolled at Camden County College for their web design program. I always felt that from a career point of view this was one of the best decisions I could have made. Being able to code websites properly provided new opportunities for me. It was while at Camden County College I started working with video, another invaluable skill from a designer point of view.

I have continued to educate myself in these areas of visual design. I am happy to be able to offer these skills to my clients as well. I take pride in being the one person they can go to and get any type of marketing graphics in any medium done. Since the nature of this business often leads me to begin work with businesses that are just starting out, it is always very satisfying having a role with the growth and success of my client companies.

Moving Forward

Today I currently work as the primary designer for ThinkSonic Media. This is a small multimedia marketing company I started with a few other work colleagues from Alpine Brokerage Services. My time as Marketing Coordinator for Alpine opened up a lot of opportunities to work with a number of their clients and help them build up their own personal brand. The majority of these individuals are coming from the large insurance companies like Lincoln Financial, Prudential, MetLife, etc. to being on their own as independent advisors.  All of them needing a business identity. ThinkSonic started aiming our business at financial industry professionals but didn’t limit our work to that.  Our clients covered a large number of industries from small restaurants to major university athletic departments.

I hope you are able to take some time to look through my portfolio and see the different type of work I have been doing over the past couple years. If you are interested in starting a project please contact me either through my email or my cell phone, and I would be happy to discuss any type of design work you may be looking for. Hopefully we will be working together soon.

Once again…

Thank You for visiting, Enjoy!
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Paul Danowski

February 20, 2018