About Paul Danowski

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A little bit about my background education and starting a career

Prior to becoming a designer

Paul Danowski
Self portrait done my freshman year at The Art Institute of Philadelphia

I have always had a great interest in not only the artistic world, but just creating things in general. Whether drawing a portrait, fabricating a piece of metal, or making music. When you put everything you have at that moment into whatever you may be working on, once you reach the final product it is a very satisfying feeling. I think these interests and hobbies made me a perfect fit to become a career designer.
At a very young age I began drawing any chance I could get. I would sketch whatever world came to mind (sometimes I wish I still had some of that childhood creativity). These days in my free time I tend to draw a lot of portraits of friends and different celebrities, or create my own imaginary landscapes. However the more I got involved in computer graphics the more I integrated that into my own personal artistic world. I have always felt that my interests in drawing has made me a better designer and vice versa, being a designer has helped make me a better artist. It is great to be one of the few people who truly loves what they do for a living, I am happy to say that what I do for my career is also what I enjoy to do in my free time.

Education and Getting started in graphic design

West Virginia University logoI have always been into art, sketching different images, painting, etc. my career started as a graphic artist didn’t begin until I completed my education at West Virginia University. While attending WVU I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life when I graduated, I bounced around through a few degrees starting with mechanical engineering and ending up with a B.S. in psychology. I always did well academically, but at the time nothing seemed like a good fit. After graduation it was obvious if I wanted to get anywhere I was going to have to further my education. This is when I decided to go after something I knew I would be passionate about and enrolled in The Art Institute of Philadelphia (AI) to study graphic design. This field encompassed everything I enjoyed about drawing, it gave me an excellent creative outlet and gave me a chance to use my artistic skills in a way I had never done before.

Art Institute of Philadelphia Best Portfolio Award
The Art Institute of Philadelphia award for Best Portfolio in Graphic Design

The Art Institutes logoDuring my tenure at the Art Institute I received an A.S. in graphic design, and look back at it as the best decision I have made as far as getting my career moving. It was here that I learned all of the skills that would ultimately be the foundation for me to continue to grow as a designer. I also managed to accumulate quite a few awards, and even more nominations as you can see on my resume. The one I am most proud of is receiving the award for Best Portfolio in Graphic Design.

Joining the professional work force.

I quickly received a job upon my graduation from AI, and quickly gained a lot of responsibilities as the in house designer for a venture capitalist located in my hometown. It was also at this time that I quickly realized if I did not start learning web design I would quickly find my competition pass right by me. It was at this point I did my own online research on simple HTML and CSS to get functioning pages online, however I didn’t feel they were strong enough to consider myself a web developer, so I enrolled at Camden County College (CCC) for their web design program.

Web design and becoming a freelance designer

Camden County College logoAt CCC I learned a large amount of skills in a short amount of time that would keep my career moving in the right direction. Along with web design and development I also learned a lot about video editing and more on animation (The Art Institute gave me my initial footing in computer animation).

Today the combination of the education I received from both the Art Institute and Camden County College have given me the foundation to be able to go out on my own and grow upon what I learned there. Unfortunately around the time I enrolled in CCC I was also laid off from my first job I got after graduating from AI. I was however able to keep a large number of contacts and I built on a freelance business I had already started on a small scale just to make some extra money on the side.

ThinkSonic Media logoDuring this time up until now I have worked with many different clients in all types of different industries. This includes small local businesses to large Universities athletic departments. Each job being completely different than the last, giving me more and more experience, and adding to my ever growing skill set. I have worked as a full time employee, solo freelancer, and was a founding member and primary designer of ThinkSonic Media. My portfolio shows how vast my client base and type of work have been. Today I am still working as a freelancer, but keeping an open look out for any full time position or other opportunities I might be suitable for. Anyone who might be interested in discussing a new project can reach me through any of the ways I have provided on my contact page.