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Welcome to my website

Paul Danowski

My name is Paul Danowski, I am a graphic designer, web developer, and video editor located in Marlton, New Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia. If you are viewing this site hopefully that is exactly what you are looking for. This website contains a little information about me, the design services I can offer you, my portfolio, and my resume. It will also give you all of my contact information and different social media profiles. Hopefully there is enough information and examples here to convince you that I am the designer you want to hire.

This is now the third version of my own personal website, each becoming more advanced than the last. My intentions have always been to promote my work through my resume and portfolio in the hopes of landing some new opportunities. My portfolio page displays different examples of my work to show the range of skills I have and services I can offer as a designer. If you have a design project, whether it be a small one off job, a continuing partnership, or a full time position, I am interested in hearing about it. Have a look at the rest of my site and get a better idea of what I have to offer you, if you are interested in working together you will be able to reach me through my contact page.

What can I do for you?

Through my experience I am able to offer a lot to all of my clients. A lot of designers in my field specialize in one particular area and either farm out the rest of the work or have you do it your self. I have the added benefit of being a web developer that started out as an award winning graphic designer. This has always helped me in not only creating functioning websites, they also look the part. While my primary work revolves around the web, I still create large amounts of print design, including business cards, posters, brochures and banners. On top of all of this even prior to my education in graphic design I always had in interest in animation and editing video. Today animation is by far one of the best ways to advertise your business online.

I like to break all of the services I offer into three main categories, first being print which would obviously involve having logos or any other images and information printed not just on paper but a number of different promotional items, like stress balls, pens, stationary and more. The second is web, this includes a wide variety of projects including full websites, properly sizing images for the web, email blasts, landing pages and more. Finally there is video, there are many different ways to use this medium but ultimately it will be used to advertise a product or service you want the public to see.

Print Design

While today you will always hear about the importance of having a web presence, print is still everywhere and just as valid a form of communication. Print design is a good way of building trust with your clients and gaining recognition of your brand, as opposed to some digital ads, which sometimes come off as spammy. Print is also tangible, having high quality prints will pay off in this way as your clients will be able to see and feel the quality of paper and printing techniques. Some different examples of print work I can bring to your business include

printerPrint Design

Web Development

There are many things that go into having a good online presence other than just building a website. To be successful a good site is key, but that is just a start. Quality design and SEO practices are crucial in getting it recognized by search engines and seen. Your site must have strong relevant well written content if you want to rank high in a search engine. But that isn’t all, below is a list of just a few things that any successful business website, or eCommerce site is going to need to be seen by today’s search engines. This combined with a good online marketing strategy can make or break your online presence.

responsive web design

browser windowWeb Development

Video Editing

Video is one of the best marketing assets available for you to build up business for a number of reasons. Your customers are more likely to remember your brand through the visual representation of video as opposed to written advertising. Add this along with the average person on the web spend more time watching video than they do reading text. Just these two facts alone should be enough to see how valuable video marketing can be for your brand. There are many different ways to use this medium as well. Live video shoots, animation, or a combination of both can be very effective. If you are interested in putting together a video for your company I can help you in all of these ways.

Below is a promotional video for Alpine Brokerage made in 2016. This video was made using Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premier.

video cameraVideo Editing

While I break things down into these categories they are truly interchangable. A companies logo will be used everywhere, print materiel, their website, and in their videos. Videos can be used all over the web, on websites, YouTube, in email blasts and more. Because of this it is probably easy to see why I continually research and learn new techniques, trends and about the new technologies around the corner. I will talk a little more on myself on the About page and Résumé page on this site.

By combining all of these skills I have become the “one stop shop” for nearly all of my clients out of the gate. When someone comes to me with a start up business that they need a logo or website for, I can cover it all, starting with the basics all the way to a fully interactive responsive website. You will be able to find examples of all of this on my portfolio page.